Bike Rentals in Monterey

Bike Rentals Monterey
Bike Rental Monterey

Bike Rentals Monterey
     Renting a bike should be on your to do list when you come to Monterey. Why rent a bike? Well, because it can take you all over the city and the waterfront without having to wait for traffic, the traffic reason is good enough right there. Another reason is that you get to experience some of these beautiful places more up close and personal than if you just drove by it in your car. You can hear the birds sing and see the otters playing in the surf or out in the kelp beds. I know that's cliche but it's the truth. One of  our great assets here is the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail is a coastal biking and walking trail that goes along the waterfront from Castroville all the way to Lover's Point Park in Pacific Grove. It is truly a gem here in the Monterey area. So it will take you all around most of the spots you might want to see in Monterey,  Cannery Row, Pacific Grove, Marina and beyond. Such as all the shops and Restaurants along Cannery Row, to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and hopefully to your Hotel near the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Also don't forget that you can throw your beach blanket in a bag and there is beach access all along the coast that you can reach on your bike rental. Or you can go down to Fishermans Wharf to see what the local chefs are making for the special today.
Where can you get a bike rental in Monterey
Adventures By the Sea- offers Monterey bike rentals along with kayak rental and they are located at Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove and for those of you with young kids they also rent Surreys which is a little car that you peddle it holds about 4-6 people.

Bay Bikes- Bay bikes has two locations. One in Cannery Row and one at the Barnyard in Carmel. They rent bikes, surreys, tandems, baby strollers and joggers. 
These companies should be able to suit all your Bike Rental needs while you stay in Monterey. It's something you should at least spend one day of your vacation doing. It's a good way to get out of the traffic and get just a little closer to nature that we all come here to see and be part of.
Blazing Saddles Bike Rental-  Blazing Saddles Monterey is so new I had to go back and add it to the list. I had forgotten it. They have many types of bikes to rent including electric so if you are thinking of purchasing an electric bike you might want to rent one first as a test drive. One of the things I like about blazing saddles is that you can reserve a bike online before you get to the location, to me that is just convenient.   So try out a bike rental in Monterey and let me know what you thought about the experience in the comments I would really like to hear. Positive or negative let me know what you think.

 Photo By kiri73


The Triathlon at Pacific Grove

The Triathlon at Pacific Grove 

The Triathlon at Pacific Grove is coming up or as my friends call it, the Pacific Grove Triathlon will be here before you know it on Sept. 7 - 09 2012. So if you are readying yourself for the Triathlon at Pacific Grove you only have a few more days to actually get in the pool or get out on the bike or to lace up those running shoes.

 The Pacific Grove Triathlon is put on by Tri-California events, in my experience they always put on good events. That only get better as they do this year after year.  If you can, try to arrive in Monterey a little early and make a family trip out of this race. You can have a couple of days to relax and maybe check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium and my favorite park Dennis the Menace park with the kids if you have any. I recommend you get a hotel in the area so that you can actually just ride your bike to the race on race day and you family and friends can be nearby. Not to mention the parking on race day is terrible. Another nice thing about arriving early is you will get a chance to actually ride part of the bike course and get in the water to see that it is really cold, really My list of hotels near the Monterey Bay Aquarium should suit your Pacific Grove triathlon lodging needs fine is offering $20.00 off with a 3 night booking and several other deals. There is a link in the upper right corner of the blog. All of these hotels are close to the course and first rate.  The first thing i have to let you know is I'm a little biased towards this race it was my first ever triathlon. So I have fond memories  of competing in the Pacific Grove Triathlon. Not only because it's my home course and your family and friends can cheer you on but because I can come back every year to my home course and my open water swims can be on the course.
     The course, you start the run off Lover's Point beach then get in the 55 degree water oh yes a wetsuit is mandatory at this race at least for me. If you don't have one I highly recommend provided me with great service and for a beginner that's what you need great service and knowing that all the tools are going to work to get you through the race. For a lot of people race day will be their first time in a wetsuit. They don't need it to fail or not fit or just let that really cold water in. Once in the water you swim out to the buoy and back to the beach if you are doing the short course then up the beach and the stairs to Lover's Point Park. Where hopefully you can find your bike. Now remember where you left it. So  when you rack your bike in the morning you need to remember what row you are in from the stairs down to the beach. This is very important. A lot of time is lost hunting for bikes. Great you found your bike. Now, strip out of your wetsuit and hopefully you wore a tri-suit or something else under so you don't actually have to put on more clothes. Remember when you take off your wetsuit to check your timing chip make sure it's still on your ankle before you leave your bike rack area. If you lost it it's probably in your wetsuit.
     Leaving the bike rack area. The main point here is watch for traffic you will have swimmers coming out of the stairs and bikers taking off for their rides. One thing to remember is you can't get on your bike until you leave the park. There will be a person near the sidewalk telling you where you can get on your bike. Yes they will deduct time for people who start biking too early.
     Congratulations, you finished the swim got out of your wetsuit and onto your bike safely and your prize for that is one of the most beautiful rides in Monterey County. The best thing about it is no traffic so you can look at the scenery or try to catch that next guy or girl in your age group. The ride is an out and back so you will finish back in Lover's Point Park and rack your bike in the same spot as before. The same goes once you get to the line where you could get on your bike before you need to get off it and walk it to your rack. Now change your clothes to your running clothes and shoes.
     The run is also an out and back so just settle into the run and look around your two thirds of the way through your triathlon in a really beautiful place. Settle into a nice pace with another person or group or hustle for a personal best whatever is your style. As you get towards the finish you will see the big red banner over the course and this is the finish. Cross the finish with your best smile because someone will take your picture and get your Pacific Grove Triathlon medal. If this is your first triathlon congratulation triathlete. If not congratulations anyway whens your next race?
      A word of warning especially to the beginners the old timers all ready know triathlon can be addictive and habit forming. Symptoms are you start signing up for races before you finish your current race you start spending more on bikes than on your car. Or, triathlon becomes a budgeted item in your family budget. Really though triathlon is a great sport and they have races for all levels even kids. Hey you will see 9 year olds pass you on the swim. Kinda gives you new respect for 9 year olds.
Kelp Crawl
   A little about the kelp the Pacific Grove Triathlon  is known for the kelp that you swim through. It's actually known as the Kelp Crawl. The best way to get through the kelp is to just keep swimming and you will go right through it, there is no avoiding it. You will find that it just slides around you mostly now if you do find yourself tangled in it don't worry it's not going to drown you, kelp floats. If say a piece is tied around you leg or something just break it like a stick don't try to pull it apart it doesn't work but honestly you will be fine and go right through the kelp.


Monterey County Fair

Monterey County Fair
     Come on out to the Monterey County Fair from Wed. August 31 through Sunday Sept. 5th. So pick a day and come out and enjoy some of the rides or some cotton candy or just wander through all the displays. Make sure to stop and see some of the projects by the youth of Monterey County through art and livestock raising. Woodworking and metalworking, there really is something here for everyone. One of my favorite exhibits is always the photography. I always think wow I could have taken that picture,  or how did they get that picture, one or the other. Some very good talents here. So, whatever you are looking for you can probably find it at the fair even if it's the tri tip guy that comes every year. You know the one with the best sauce. Bring the family and have fun.

Ca Missions in Monterey County

Ca. Missions in Monterey County
Carmel Mission by bdinphoenix
     There are three California Mission in Monterey County. The Carmel Mission, The San Antonio Mission, and Mission Soledad If you have a fourth grader in a California School chances are they are going to do a mission project. So if you come to Monterey County some time this year for a weekend trip you can have the chance to see all three missions or maybe just a couple, either way it will make this project much easier. It's different talking about something that you researched than if you have actually been there.
The Carmel Mission
     The Carmel Mission was established in 1770 in Monterey and was later moved to Carmel. So we now know it as the Carmel Mission. It is still a working church today. So, if you are Catholic and you would like to go to Mass on your vacation look at their Mass schedule and go there on one of the days they are having Mass. That is one of the things I like about this Mission is it's also a working church albeit in this historical setting. One of the things you are struck with when you actually go to the Mission is how large it is. the church itself has huge ceilings and very thick walls. Today churches are very large and can hold thousands but imagine building something this big in 1770. There are several museums at the Carmel Mission along with a gift shop so you can purchase souvenirs.
    The Carmel Mission is located at 3080 Rio Road Carmel Ca 93923 they are open from 9:30 - 5:00 Monday through Saturday.
Mission San Antonio
     Mission San Antonio was established in 1771 by Junipero Serra it is the third mission in California history.  The large church structure that you see today which is pretty big 200 ft. x 40 ft. with six foot adobe walls was not completed until about 1813. One of my favorite things about this Mission San Antonio is the large fountain in the courtyard. Mission San Antonio is located on the grounds of Ft Hunter Liggett. A military base but you will have no problem getting to access the Mission at all. The best way to go from Monterey is highway 68 to 101 south to get there. The Mission is actually located in Jolon Ca. about two hours south of Monterey take a map or your GPS to get there if you are not familiar with south Monterey county.
Mission Soledad
     The Soledad Mission or Mission Soledad is the thirteenth mission in the chain of California Missions. It was established in 1791 just outside of what is today the town of Soledad. The Soledad Mission had a lot of trouble in the beginning. There were floods that destroyed the Mission twice. A third flood left only a small chapel the rest of the Mission was in ruins. Even with these problems it was pretty successful. By 1836 they had vineyards of 5,000 vines, 3200 cattle and 2400 sheep. So, overall this was a pretty big operation.
     The Mission as you see it today is an ongoing rebuilding project that started in 1954and still continues. They have church the first Sunday of every month so if you plan on attending plan accordingly. They also have special events like weddings and other events at the Mission throughout the year. One of my favorites is the annual Grape Stomp you should check it out.
     The Soledad Mission is locate outside of Soledad about 1 hour south on Hwy. 101 from Monterey So you are not as far away from everything as you are when you go to Misson San Antonio. Soledad is close enough to stop and get lunch or coffee if you need it.
So take your family to one of these missions while you are here it is an interesting side trip from your vacation. Especially if you have a 3rd or 4th grader because they will have a basis for their project. Have fun at the Missions.
Mission Pictures

Carmel Mission, a photo by bdinphoenix on Flickr.


Monterey Wine Trolley

The Monterey Wine Trolley
     The Monterey Wine Trolley is a great way to go wine tasting in the Monterey Bay area and see the many wineries in a safe convenient way. The Monterey Wine Trolley will pick you up in the morning at the Portola Plaza in Downtown Monterey and take you on your way for a fabulous day wine tasting in the Carmel Valley. No need to worry about the driving or how much tasting you've done. The driver Gary will stop at about 5 wineries along the way for tasting and lunch. This is a great trip. Some of the wineries include Ventanna Winery which is one of my favorites as well as the Chock Rock winery and Chateau Sinnet. They also make a stop in Carmel Vally Village so you can walk around and see the wineries located here. I would definitely recommend this for a couple or just a group of friends or family out for a day of wine tasting in the Monterey area. It's especially good since it stops not only at some well known spots but also some that we haven't all heard of as well. That is one of my favorite things is trying something new along the way and not just sticking with that same old thing. That's kind of what the wine trolley is about. Something new, you will get a rambling history of our Monterey wine country along the way. Not just the rows of vineyards but the stories to go with them and the stories of the farmers that grow these wines. All in all I think you will have a great time.


Monterey Car Week

Monterey Car Week Events
     This week in Monterey is all about cars. Beautiful, sleek, fast, you name it no matter how you describe the different car shows and tours around Monterey's annual auto week it's all about the cars. Virtually every brand will be represented from European roadsters to American muscle cars from the 70's there is something for everyone. It started today with the Monterey Motorsports Reunion Classic with cars and live music at Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey and the fun only continues. Here is a partial listing of the weeks event's.

Monterey Car Week

Tuedsay August 12th 

Automobilia Monterey 10 am to 6 pm Embassy Suites Monterey 1441 Canyon Del Rey

Concours on the Avenue Ocean Avenue Carmel Ca. 

Wednesday August 13th

Automobilia Monterey 10 am to 6 pm Embassy Suites Monterey 1441 Canyon Del Rey

Gordon McCalls Motorworks Revival 2014 5 pm to 10 pm Monterey Jet Center

The Little Car Show 12 noon to 5 pm On Lighthouse Ave Pacific Grove between Fountain and 16th.

Bonham's Quail Lodge Auction 10 am to 5 pm Quail Lodge and Golf Club Carmel Valley Ca.

Carmel Mission Classic 10 am to 4 pm Carmel Mission Basilica

Thursday August 14th

Russo and Steeles Sports and Muscle Auction 5 pm to 10 pm Downtown Monterey

Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance
 7 am to 8 am cars line up collins field Pebble Beach 
8:30 am tour departs
11:30 to 12:00 noon cars arrive in Carmel by the Sea
12 pm to 2 pm cars displayed on Ocean Avenue
2 pm to 2:30 pm tour returns to Pebble Beach

Italian Stampede Drive From LA to Monterey

Automotive Film and Arts Festival 4 pm to 11 pm Golden State Theater Monterey

Friday August 15th

Russo and Steele Sports and Muscle Auction 5 pm to 10 pm Downtown Monterey

RM Auction Portola Hotel and Spa  and Monterey Conference Center

Mecum Muscle Cars and More Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa on Del Monte Golf Course

Legends of the Autobahn 7 am to 3 pm Nicklaus Club Pasadera Drive Monterey 

The Quail A Motorsports Gathering 10 am to 4 pm 8000 Valley Greens Drive Carmel Ca.

Pacific Grove Concourse Auto Rally Lighthouse and Forest Ave Pacific Grove

Werks Reunion 7 am to 4 pm Rancho Canada Golf Club 4860 Carmel Valley Road Carmel

Saturday August 16th

Concorso Italiano 9 am to 5 pm Black Horse Golf Club 1 Golf Club Road Seaside Ca

Cars and Coffee 8 am to 10 pm Del Monte Shopping Center

The Barnyard Ferrari Event 4 pm to 7 pm Barnyard Shopping Center Carmel

Sunday August 17th

Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 

Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance  

     These are just a few of the events going on this week in Monterey and the surrounding cities. So be sure to check out some of these events. One of my favorites is the Concorso Italiano and the Pebble Beach Tour D'Elegance. So try to take in as much as you can as there is so much to see and if  you see something you just can't leave without, surprise your wife,  her birthday is coming up. 

Sunday Coupons

     I just put up a link to on the right sidebar. What you do is put in your zip code and it lists the restaurants that in your area that they have coupons for. For my area there were six pages of choices so I'm sure they have a lot of choices for where you live as well. You pay $10.00 for a $25.00 coupon. Not a bad deal. So try it out for your local restaurants or if you are coming to Monterey for vacation then use the Monterey zip codes of 93940, 93942, 93943, or 93944. There are some pretty nice places listed here so you can get the chance to eat at a place that you might otherwise skip because of price.
     How do you get your coupon? That's a good question with an easy answer you simply print it out on your printer at home. Pretty simple right. Give it a try, let me know if this was a good deal for you in the comments section so I can continue to offer it or discontinue it.


Sand City West End Celebration

The Sand City West End Celebration
     The sand city west end celebration. What is that? That's the question I get when ever I mention it to people. It has to be the least well known festival in the Monterey Bay Area. So what is that? It's a festival of the arts. Where artists and musicians come out to show and sell their works and the streets are shut down so their is no traffic to get in the way. But, you say I've seen this done in my town before. What's unique about the Sand City West End Celebration is that fact that so many artists have  opened up their studio spaces so it's not like walking into an art gallery and looking at just the finished product. You will be able to see their craft on display. From just started projects to the finished item for sale. That is to me something that is unique about this art festival. Not to mention the local wine tasting they are having and live music by famous musicians. You will have the opportunity to buy works from local painters, sculptors, and multimedia artists from this county and beyond. There will be many different gourmet foods to sample.
     The Sand City West End Celebration has changed it's philosophy from a yearly theme to a new Green philosophy. So, in honor of that there will be many new green products on display from their vendors and also lectures and classes on going green. So this looks likes like a fun weekend.

Bronco World Series

Bat lineup by Arcendiss
Bat lineup, a photo by Arcendiss on Flickr.
Bronco World Series 
     The Bronco World Series is in Monterey from August First  to August Ninth 2012. If your a fan of baseball you will get to see some of the best teams out there competing in their world series. Now these aren't the pros but they are the best in their leagues. If you are a local baseball player you get to play against some of these players and see maybe where you can improve your game. Because let's face it some of these teams are bringing it. If your the parent of a player, you have spent countless hours throwing the ball and teaching hitting mechanics and taking them to practice and games. This is the payoff, they are going to the Bronco World Series in Monterey. How long have you been waiting for that. Not to mention all the fundraising you've done just to get here because some teams have travelled very far.
Bronco World Series Highlights
     There will be many highlights throughout the week but the main one I think is the people you will meet. You are going to meet people from all over the world. From all walks of life. Some speak the same language of you and some don't yet the one thing you have in common is a love of the game of baseball. And pretty much to every boy on every team they all love baseball. There will be wins and there will be losses of course. But the biggest win is getting to come here and enjoy this week with everyone. Don't forget your pins try to collect as many as you can. Every team has a pin so trade yours for the others and at the end of the week you will have a whole set. Don't forget the home run derby that is always a highlight of the Bronco World Series. For the players even if they lose in the first round they have been on a journey together from fundraising and figuring out how to get here to actually going on a trip and staying in hotels or other players homes to playing in the series and the long ride home. This trip will cement them together for a long time.

Teams in The Bronco World Series
     Adirondack New York                                        Sinaloa Mexico

     Monterey Ca.                                                      Chinese Taipei

     El Dorado Hill Ca.                                              St. Joe's Illinois

     Corpus Christi Tx.                                              Toro Park Salinas Ca.

     West Covina Ca.                                                 Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

Bronco World Series Schedule

Thursday 8/2 

Corpus Christi Tx       VS.   Adirondack New York

El Dorado Hills Ca      VS.  West Covina Ca 

St. Joe's Illinois             VS. Toro Park Salinas Ca 

Friday 8/3

Sinaloa Mexico            VS. Chinese Taipei

Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico  VS. Toro Park Salinas Ca.

Adirondack New York VS. Monterey Ca.

 Saturday 8/4

Home Run Derby from 8 am to 10 am at Jacks Park
Corpus Christi Tx.     VS. West Covina Ca

St. Joe's Illinois            VS. Chinese Taipei

Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico VS. Sinaloa Mexico

El Dorado Hills Ca     VS. Monterey Ca

Sunday 8/5

Sinaloa Mexico            VS. St. Joe's Illinois

El Dorado Hills Ca      VS. Adirondack New York

Chinese Taipei              VS. Toro Park Salinas Ca

Corpus Christi Texas   VS. Monterey Ca

Monday 8/6

Adirondack New York  VS. West Covina Ca.

Chinese Taipei               VS. Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico

Sinaloa Mexico               VS. Toro Park Salinas Ca

Tuesday 8/7

Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico  VS. St Joe's Illinois

El Dorado Hills Ca            VS. Corpus Christi Texas

West Covina Ca                  VS Monterey Ca.

Wednesday 8/8

Semi final Crossovers

Thursday 8/9 

Bronco World Series Championship Game 7PM

     So come out and support the your local team. Or support the team from your home city or state or country. Either way support the ball players because it's nice to hear cheers when your playing well and your not on your home field. Not to mention that we are here to support the kids no matter who they are or where they are from.


Just Run Running Program For Kids

The Just Run Running Program For Kids
     Just Run, is a youth running program based in Monterey California. Just Run's goal is to get the kids off the couch and into some running shoes and running. They work with schools and teachers to set up the programs here in Monterey County but it's a program that can be duplicated anywhere in the United States. This program gets the majority of it's funding through the Big Sur International Marathon and private sponsors. In fact if you are running the Big Sur International Marathon There is a Just Run race Scheduled during Marathon week here in Monterey. If your trip to the marathon in Big Sur this year was going to be a solo one why not book a Monterey Bay Aquarium Hotel and make it a family trip. You can do the marathon and your kids can do the kids race. Then while your doing your run up the Big Sur Coast your family can go to the beach or the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the day. So if your kids are coming along on the trip don't forget to pack their running shoes. They will have a good time and everyone will go home with a medal. You know your wall, come on if your a runner you have one. The one will all your race numbers and medals from all the past races you've done. Well this can be an opportunity to let your kids get started on their own wall. What better way to spend a morning than cheering on your favorite boy or girl doing one of your favorite things. Not to mention it's just good for them.
     The Just Run program sponsors about six races here in Monterey County as well as the programs in the schools and they provide all the program materials for the schools as well as training for the teachers to implement the program. Some things that really get the kids hooked are the running across the USA with a map to keep track of progress. It's 3000 miles but with thirty kids in a class you can see how their little bit of running can add up to get them across the country pretty quickly.
     Just Run races are held Saturday November 19 and Sunday November 20 there will be a Just Run 3 k and a Big Sur Half Marathon 5K.
In January there is the Renovation Run at the soledadrec.
In February the Sunday before Valentine's Day There is the Together With Love 1k and 5k, starting and finishing at Lover's Point Park in Pacific Grove.
In May the Castroville Artichoke Festival 1 mile kids run.
Also in May there is the Heart and Sole run starting an finishing at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital
it's a 5k 1 mile or 1 half mile kids run.
In June at Freeman Stadium at CSUMB They have 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile track races so bring all your future track stars out there.
     So as you can see there are quite a few different races for your kids to participate in through this program. If you have it at your school that's good if not you need to find someone there that supports running and put the bug in their ear to get it going.