Bike Rentals in Monterey

Bike Rentals Monterey
Bike Rental Monterey

Bike Rentals Monterey
     Renting a bike should be on your to do list when you come to Monterey. Why rent a bike? Well, because it can take you all over the city and the waterfront without having to wait for traffic, the traffic reason is good enough right there. Another reason is that you get to experience some of these beautiful places more up close and personal than if you just drove by it in your car. You can hear the birds sing and see the otters playing in the surf or out in the kelp beds. I know that's cliche but it's the truth. One of  our great assets here is the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail is a coastal biking and walking trail that goes along the waterfront from Castroville all the way to Lover's Point Park in Pacific Grove. It is truly a gem here in the Monterey area. So it will take you all around most of the spots you might want to see in Monterey,  Cannery Row, Pacific Grove, Marina and beyond. Such as all the shops and Restaurants along Cannery Row, to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and hopefully to your Hotel near the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Also don't forget that you can throw your beach blanket in a bag and there is beach access all along the coast that you can reach on your bike rental. Or you can go down to Fishermans Wharf to see what the local chefs are making for the special today.
Where can you get a bike rental in Monterey
Adventures By the Sea- offers Monterey bike rentals along with kayak rental and they are located at Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove and for those of you with young kids they also rent Surreys which is a little car that you peddle it holds about 4-6 people.

Bay Bikes- Bay bikes has two locations. One in Cannery Row and one at the Barnyard in Carmel. They rent bikes, surreys, tandems, baby strollers and joggers. 
These companies should be able to suit all your Bike Rental needs while you stay in Monterey. It's something you should at least spend one day of your vacation doing. It's a good way to get out of the traffic and get just a little closer to nature that we all come here to see and be part of.
Blazing Saddles Bike Rental-  Blazing Saddles Monterey is so new I had to go back and add it to the list. I had forgotten it. They have many types of bikes to rent including electric so if you are thinking of purchasing an electric bike you might want to rent one first as a test drive. One of the things I like about blazing saddles is that you can reserve a bike online before you get to the location, to me that is just convenient.   So try out a bike rental in Monterey and let me know what you thought about the experience in the comments I would really like to hear. Positive or negative let me know what you think.

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