Monterey 4th of July

Monterey 4th of July
Monterey 4th of JulyThe Parade in on. Thanks to an effort led by  the Old Monterey Business Association the Fourth of July Parade is back on in Monterey. It was abandoned a couple of years ago along with the fireworks out over the bay simply due to the budget cuts in the city at the time. It's pretty hard to spend so much on fireworks when you are at the same time laying off employees. But, now with this effort led by the Old Monterey Business Association and a couple of large donors the parade is back on. The city will still have the large lawn party that they have continued to have at Colton hall which has become a tradition in itself. But they will also now have the parade again starting at 10 a.m. with a former Navy Seal Team parachute jump onto Alvarado Street. From there the parade will wind down Alvarado and  Then to Calle Principal and go back to Pearl Street.
The Monterey City Lawn Party
The Monterey City Lawn Party will be running from about 11:00 a.m. to about 4:30 p.m. There will be lots of music and lots of different things for the kids to do. Several thousand people have shown up in the past so when you hear it described as the city lawn party it's because the whole city is out there having a good time celebrating the 4th of July. There is also a Monterey Pops concert which is free of charge at the Golden State Theatre 417 Alvarado St. Monterey.  

Spreckels 4th of July Events
No Fireworks Show in Monterey
Once again there will be no fireworks show in Monterey. However instead The Monterey Bay Symphony will perform patriotic music with a laser light show at Jack's Park starting at 8 p.m. If you want to get there early the park opens at 6. I have seen the Monterey Bay Symphony and I believe this will be a great show. It won't be fireworks but I think it can be the beginning of a new tradition in Monterey. One of the problems with fireworks over the bay in the past was that it was always foggy and you only saw the faint glow of the fireworks not the real thing so this might be a great alternative.
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How To Get Tickets To the Laser Light Show 
     The Monterey Laser Light Show tickets are free. Great deal right but how do you get your tickets. Well if you go to the Colton Hall lawn party they will be passing out 1500 free tickets. Then that evening they will be passing out 1500 more free tickets at Jack's park for a total of 3,000 free tickets. So If you for sure want to get into the laser light show then I would definitely go to the Colton Hall Lawn party that will give you a better chance.

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  1. Anonymous2:18 AM

    I grew up in monterey, we never had a problem seeing the fireworks through the fog, nor can I even think of a 4th that had a ton of fog over the bay anyway (though it is foggy 3/4 of the year). A laser light show will never be as great as that fireworks show was, and I pray to god it doesn't become a "new tradition" in the city. That would be weak.

    1. I believe that the laser light show is a compromise. Of course people would love to have the fireworks back but the money that they cost just isn't there. If some more donors came forward in the future or if the city's finances were in a better position then I'm sure the fireworks would be back. Not to mention the public demand will be there when there is money to pay for the fireworks. I believe the closest Fireworks show to Monterey will be at Gilroy High School, 750 W. 10th street Gilroy Ca. Also Soledad currently has nothing scheduled however they always seem to come up with the funding for a show. If anyone knows of any other fireworks shows please comment and let us know.