Monterey Farmers Market

Monterey Farmers Market
Monterey Farmers Market     There are a few different farmer's markets in Monterey but if you tell someone you are going to the Monterey Farmers Market they will automatically think you mean the Old Monterey Farmers Market on Alvarado Street. If you are talking to a local they will just call it Tuesday Night Market.
Monterey Farmers Market or Tuesday night market came about in 1991 so it's been around for a long time. It runs rain or shine and winter or summer so you always know hey it's Tuesday night let's go down to the market. This has become the place to find your locally and far away grown produce. Because let's face it it's not a farmers market without produce. But, also they sell handmade art and pastries. Some local Bakeries have the best garlic bread for sale every week.
Tuesday Night Market
     The great thing about Tuesday night market is the people. I mean just a ton of people all going from one booth to another doing their shopping and seeing old friends and making new ones along the way. Tuesday night market has sort of become a ritual place to people watch or to be watched. Let's face it there can be up to nine or ten thousand people in a four block area on an average Tuesday night in the summer. It can also be a place to meet your mate I have a few friends that when you ask them where they met it's always the Tuesday night market. So if you are in town on a Tuesday come check out the market you will find something you like
 Farmers Market i Monterey, a photo by wa.pean on Flickr.

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