Fireworks Shows In the Monterey Bay Area.

Where Are They Having Fireworks In The Monterey Area

Okay as many of you know not too many cities are actually having a real live fireworks show this year. You know pyrotechnic. Bombs being shot into the air to explode in all their glory. Basically what we all did as kids on Fourth of July. A lot of things have led to this but mainly the cities got out of it due to cost and drought and fire danger. So where do you go if you actually want to see a real fireworks show in the Monterey Bay Area? 

What Monterey Bay Area Cities Are Having Fireworks Displays?

Salinas Ca. - Salinas is instituted a fireworks ban not only illegal fireworks but safe and sane fireworks as well. Much to the dismay of local school organizations who depend on firework sales for their fundraising. However since the ban Salinas is putting on a Free city sponsored fireworks show at the Salinas Sports Complex. There is a lot of seating in the stands that they normally use for the rodeo and concerts etc so there will be room for everyone. Bring your blanket it will be a good time. 

Greenfield Ca - Greenfield will be having a fireworks show at approximately 9:35 on Saturday July 2nd it will change to the 3rd if it rains. I don't know why it's going to be the 2nd instead of the fourth but it looks like a great celebration. Look here for more information about Greenfield Fireworks.

Soledad Ca - Soledad is having a fireworks display on the Fourth of July along with a whole lot of other fun events. Soledad fireworks info. Every year it seems as if Soledad's event might not happen and then in the end it always does. Good Job Soledad. 

Gilroy Ca. - gilroy is having it's annual free Fourth of July fireworks show at the Gilroy High School at dusk. Last year this show was pretty amazing. 

Scotts Valley Ca. - Scotts Valley will be having a fireworks show on the Fourth of July. This is the only Fireworks show in Santa Cruz County. So that's a choice if you live anywhere in the Santa Cruz area. 

     So, there you have the list you can either go check out a fireworks show early on the 2nd in Greenfield which is great if you work early on Monday or for whatever reason. Or choose from one of the other cities close to you. 

New Hostel Coming to the Monterey Bay Area

There is A New Hostel Coming To The Monterey Area
Monterey Youth Hostel by Vineyard AdventuresHostelling International is building a new Monterey area hostel. They have all ready had the open house and are just waiting to retrofit a group of previously used military buildings on the former Fort Ord to be used as the the latest Monterey area Hostel. This hostel will be located in a great spot near the 8th and Giggling trailheads which is great for cyclists and also not too far from the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail which is great because you can easily get to Marina, Monterey, Pacific Grove, or Carmel on the Recreation Trail. 

Hostelling International 

Hostelling International currently has 27 youth Hostels located on the California West Coast and the Canadian West Coast so it is possible to basically Hostel hop your way from San Diego California to Whistler in Canada. If you time it right you can start out surfing and finish your trip Snowboarding in Whistler. In a future post I will list all the Hostels and their locations to help make a trip like this possible.
I am very happy to see another youth hostel in the Monterey area because the one in Monterey gets filled up quite often. Youth Hostel is kind of a misnomer in a name because people of all ages are welcome to stay in Youth Hostels around the world.
Monterey Youth Hostel, a photo by Vineyard Adventures on Flickr.
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