Monterey County EV Charging Stations

charger by drwhimsy
charger, a photo by drwhimsy on Flickr.

Where Can You Charge Your Electric Vehicle
     In Monterey County there are several places that have electric vehicle charging facilities. They are of differing designs and ages as the technologies have rolled out but most EV drivers have the necessary adapters or they should.  So here is a list of places you can charge your EV while your are visiting the Monterey Bay area.

EV Charging Station Locations

Del Monte Center in Monterey Ca. - 1410 Del Monte Center Monterey Ca.
This is a really great location for vehicle chargers as you can go into the mall and do a little shopping while your vehicle is charging. Another nice thing about these chargers is they are all located in the parking places closest to the actual mall so you are guaranteed good parking as well. 

West Custom House Garage  - Washington Street and E. Franklin St. Monterey Ca

Costco Salinas - 1339 N. Davis Rd. Salinas Ca.

Rabobank - 1285 N. Davis Rd. Salinas Ca.

Victory Toyota - 5 Herzinger Plaza Seaside Ca

Oxton Kennels - 400 River Rd. Salinas Ca

Recently another charging station has been added in Watsonville

355 Main St Watsonville Ca 95076

     This is a pretty good list for Monterey, Seaside and Salinas we definitely need more EV charging stations for Monterey county. AMBAG the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments has gotten a grant to place three more public EV chargers in the Monterey Bay Area. But those locations have not been determined yet. Hopefully it's near you when you are running out of juice. Seriously though we need to see more of these come online before we can see more EV's on our roadways.

charger, a photo by drwhimsy on Flickr.


  1. Electric Car Charging Station in Miami?
    Maybe someone knows where I can find a charging station electric vehicles in Miami

  2. There are several places to charge your electric car in Miami. Now if there were just several more across the country so you could actually drive cross country from Miami to Monterey. Now that when we get to that point then Electric Vehicles will really be able to make it on their own.
    Places to Recharge your EV in Miami Fla.

    Car Charging Group Inc.
    1691 Michigan Ave. Miami Fla

    Chargepointe Network Charging Station
    2950 Northeast 188th ST. Aventura FL.

    DecoCarts LLC
    1000 5th St. #200 Miami Beach Fla

    Eco Dev Engineering
    16900 North Bay Road Sunny ISles Beach Fla.

    That's the few I could find just searching around and there are not too many actually in Miami. Wow not even many at the big box stores have to get working on that one.