Tarpy's Roadhouse Celebrating 20 Years of Memories

Tarpy's is Celebrating
     Tarpy's Roadhouse is celebrating 20 years on October 07 2012. You know the place. Tarpy's holds a special place in the hearts of many Monterey residents and visitors from all over the world. The reason for that, is it's not just that nice restaurant on Hwy 68 but it's this place where all the big things in your life have been celebrated and commiserated. Tarpy's is the place you first got to roll up to in a limo with your date for prom or the place where you daughter got married at the little chapel. Or it might even be the first bar your friends took you out too when your girlfriend broke up with you in college. You knew I would get to that commiserating part. For some of us Tarpy's Roadhouse was that first or second job during the summer we were home from college and the staff became like family. So the memories are the reason this simple restaurant with the paper covering the tables so every kid can leave a masterpiece with the crayons that are supplied is bigger than just a restaurant. Thanks Tarpy's for the memories and Happy twentieth Birthday keep up the good work and keep the memories coming for another generation.
Tarpy's 20'th Anniversary Celebration
October 07, 2012 from 12:00 - 3:00 P.M. enjoy great food live music and Monterey County Wine. There will be face painting and arts and crafts for the kids so there is something for everyone at this event.

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