Monterey Salinas Transit Express Bus To Santa Cruz

Monterey Salinas Transit Express Bus Service
MST San Jose bus by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious
Monterey Salinas Transit is setting up a new express bus service between the Presidio of Monterey and Santa Cruz. I think this is a great idea and will serve a lot of customers. It is called line 78 so when you are looking for the schedule check out the schedule for line 78. This is a list of all MST Bus Routes
     During the week there will be a few stops in Monterey and along the way but on the weekend it's pretty much a straight trip with one stop in at Sand City Station. During the week with the extra stops it takes a little longer but it should only take about an hour on the weekends. This is a great ride on a bus really you can sit and just enjoy the view of the Monterey Bay, watch a movie on your iPad or read a book on your Kindle. This will serve a lot of customers and travelers who do not have a car and just want to go check out Santa Cruz for the day or a few days even or for those people who are here playing golf and want to send the kids to to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz for the day. 

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