The Triathlon at Pacific Grove

The Triathlon at Pacific Grove 

The Triathlon at Pacific Grove is coming up or as my friends call it, the Pacific Grove Triathlon will be here before you know it on Sept. 7 - 09 2012. So if you are readying yourself for the Triathlon at Pacific Grove you only have a few more days to actually get in the pool or get out on the bike or to lace up those running shoes.

 The Pacific Grove Triathlon is put on by Tri-California events, in my experience they always put on good events. That only get better as they do this year after year.  If you can, try to arrive in Monterey a little early and make a family trip out of this race. You can have a couple of days to relax and maybe check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium and my favorite park Dennis the Menace park with the kids if you have any. I recommend you get a hotel in the area so that you can actually just ride your bike to the race on race day and you family and friends can be nearby. Not to mention the parking on race day is terrible. Another nice thing about arriving early is you will get a chance to actually ride part of the bike course and get in the water to see that it is really cold, really My list of hotels near the Monterey Bay Aquarium should suit your Pacific Grove triathlon lodging needs fine is offering $20.00 off with a 3 night booking and several other deals. There is a link in the upper right corner of the blog. All of these hotels are close to the course and first rate.  The first thing i have to let you know is I'm a little biased towards this race it was my first ever triathlon. So I have fond memories  of competing in the Pacific Grove Triathlon. Not only because it's my home course and your family and friends can cheer you on but because I can come back every year to my home course and my open water swims can be on the course.
     The course, you start the run off Lover's Point beach then get in the 55 degree water oh yes a wetsuit is mandatory at this race at least for me. If you don't have one I highly recommend provided me with great service and for a beginner that's what you need great service and knowing that all the tools are going to work to get you through the race. For a lot of people race day will be their first time in a wetsuit. They don't need it to fail or not fit or just let that really cold water in. Once in the water you swim out to the buoy and back to the beach if you are doing the short course then up the beach and the stairs to Lover's Point Park. Where hopefully you can find your bike. Now remember where you left it. So  when you rack your bike in the morning you need to remember what row you are in from the stairs down to the beach. This is very important. A lot of time is lost hunting for bikes. Great you found your bike. Now, strip out of your wetsuit and hopefully you wore a tri-suit or something else under so you don't actually have to put on more clothes. Remember when you take off your wetsuit to check your timing chip make sure it's still on your ankle before you leave your bike rack area. If you lost it it's probably in your wetsuit.
     Leaving the bike rack area. The main point here is watch for traffic you will have swimmers coming out of the stairs and bikers taking off for their rides. One thing to remember is you can't get on your bike until you leave the park. There will be a person near the sidewalk telling you where you can get on your bike. Yes they will deduct time for people who start biking too early.
     Congratulations, you finished the swim got out of your wetsuit and onto your bike safely and your prize for that is one of the most beautiful rides in Monterey County. The best thing about it is no traffic so you can look at the scenery or try to catch that next guy or girl in your age group. The ride is an out and back so you will finish back in Lover's Point Park and rack your bike in the same spot as before. The same goes once you get to the line where you could get on your bike before you need to get off it and walk it to your rack. Now change your clothes to your running clothes and shoes.
     The run is also an out and back so just settle into the run and look around your two thirds of the way through your triathlon in a really beautiful place. Settle into a nice pace with another person or group or hustle for a personal best whatever is your style. As you get towards the finish you will see the big red banner over the course and this is the finish. Cross the finish with your best smile because someone will take your picture and get your Pacific Grove Triathlon medal. If this is your first triathlon congratulation triathlete. If not congratulations anyway whens your next race?
      A word of warning especially to the beginners the old timers all ready know triathlon can be addictive and habit forming. Symptoms are you start signing up for races before you finish your current race you start spending more on bikes than on your car. Or, triathlon becomes a budgeted item in your family budget. Really though triathlon is a great sport and they have races for all levels even kids. Hey you will see 9 year olds pass you on the swim. Kinda gives you new respect for 9 year olds.
Kelp Crawl
   A little about the kelp the Pacific Grove Triathlon  is known for the kelp that you swim through. It's actually known as the Kelp Crawl. The best way to get through the kelp is to just keep swimming and you will go right through it, there is no avoiding it. You will find that it just slides around you mostly now if you do find yourself tangled in it don't worry it's not going to drown you, kelp floats. If say a piece is tied around you leg or something just break it like a stick don't try to pull it apart it doesn't work but honestly you will be fine and go right through the kelp.

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