Moss Landing Marine Lab Open House

Moss Landing Marine Lab Open House
sea anenome by Zoe52     The Moss Landing Marine Lab annual open house is probably one of my favorite events here. The Moss Landing Marine Lab is located in Moss Landing Ca. A few miles North of Monterey. Moss Landing Marine Labs offers a Masters of Marine Science Program for a group of seven California State Universities including the following. California State University Fresno, East Bay, Monterey  Bay, Sacramento, San Francisco, Stanislaus, and San Jose. It is a very hands on learning environment. Students go all over the world to dive and document marine life and biology. So the open house is no different it's a very hands on environment. Everyone gets to touch and feel everything. Not to mention see how these different marine organisms affect your daily lives. Did you know that their is seaweed in ice cream? Neither did I. So, bring your kids out to the Moss Landing Marine Labs Open House they really have something for everyone. For the little ones they have the puppet show made up of current MLML students and faculty and touch tanks full of different sea life with students to explain what they are where they live and often times how their research has seen that particular animal or plant in a new light. So, it's some cutting edge stuff that is really fun for kids of any age and adults as well. This is one of my favorite events they have different things every year it seems. They also serve a lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers. Check out their blog here it shows what the students and faculty are up to. This is going to be during the weekend of Sea Otter Classic so if you are in town for the cycling event and looking for something else interesting to check out try the Moss Landing Marine Labs Open house especially if you have kids. If you have ever been to the aquarium but wanted to touch and feel everything and ask as many questions as you wanted this is the place for you.
 sea anenome, a photo by Zoe52 on Flickr.

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