Sea Otter Classic is Coming To Town

It's Sea Otter Classic Time Again
     If you are in the bicycle industry or the local racing scene Sea Otter Classic holds a special place for you. Sea Otter Classic is the place where all of your people come together to see the latest technology or see what that new hot kid put together in his latest jump routine. Or it can be a place where old friends meet every year for a few days of hard racing and catching up about old times not to mention bragging rights until next year if you beat all your friends. 
Racing At Sea Otter Classic
     For many riders this is the race of the year. The whole cycling world is watching so this is where you leave it all out on the course. It's the biggest race with some of the largest purses and biggest bragging rights. Sea Otter is so many different things. It is truly a cycling festival since it's not just a mountain bike race or a roadie race. But, it's everything all at once it's a mountain bike race, a road bike race, dirt jumping and getting huge air or new this year a downhill skateboard race which should be awesome and very well attended.  The different mountain bike events are Downhill, Dual Slalom, Cross Country for road bikes they have Criterium races, Road Races, and Circuit races. Then there is also Cyclocross. So don't forget your CX bike. NO matter what type of racing you are doing you may as well join in the CX fun since the schedule is pretty loose you will have time.
Bring The Kids to Sea Otter Classic
     The Sea Otter Classic is for kids. They have everything for the little ones you can imagine they have kids races they have clinics for kids they have an Easter egg hunt. In the demo zone they have plenty of kids bikes and a lot of really cool obstacles for the kids to ride on. I remember one year my nephew spent the whole day in the demo area just riding obstacles that he had never been on before. Things like dirt jumps and ramps and plywood boxes with ramps going down to jumps etc. Another hit with the kids was the pump track that they built it's a good way for them to learn to work with their bike. So bring your kids and bring their bike and their helmet they will have a blast.
What Are You Doing At Sea Otter Classic?
     As I said above many people are coming for the racing or checking out the latest equipment or getting up close and personal with the up and  coming stars of their sports. But others just come to people watch and see what kind of crazy things people will do or attempt to do on a bike. So what will you be looking forward to at this years Sea Otter Classic. 

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