Hwy 1 Closed At Big Sur

Landslides Close Hwy 1 at Big Sur
     Well the recent bad rains we have had here in Monterey County has caused several landslides along Hwy 1 taking parts of the roadway with it. Cal trans is saying that it will be at least a month or so before they Hwy opens again. This almost annual event causes a lot of trouble for the people who live and work in Big Sur as well as the business owners that depend on the tourist traffic. So hopefully they will get this fixed sooner rather than later.
     Race organizers have already stated that this landslide event will not effect the Big Sur International Marathon 2012 the race will go on as planned. I know in the past that they have changed the course and one time they did an out and back run so we will see what comes out of this but at least they have made a statement that the race will go on as planned. Isn't that just an awesome picture could you imagine being there when that piece of earth fell into the ocean. I can just hear my fifth grade teacher saying now class this is erosion.

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