Roller Skating in Monterey

Roller Skating in Monterey
     With the closure of the old and much loved Del Monte skating arena in Monterey by the Naval Postgraduate school Monterey has been left without a roller rink. But a local business has been able to step up and accommodate those skaters who used to go to Del Monte. Water City Roller Hockey which is located a few miles away at 2801 2nd Ave. Marina Ca 93933. Water City has always been a good place to pick up a hockey stick and go have a good time on your league night with your friends but now they also offer roller skating with open skating time just like a normal  roller rink but with a little bit of hockey flavor thrown in. The first time I was ever at water City was actually to play Lacrosse, they had an indoor lacrosse league for awhile but that ended some time ago and they have stuck with their main talent of roller hockey and now skating. So if you are in Monterey and it's one of those cold foggy days and you can't find anything to do come out to Water City and take you kids yourself skating it warms you up and you have a good time for a few hours.

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