Bronco World Series

Bat lineup by Arcendiss
Bat lineup, a photo by Arcendiss on Flickr.
Bronco World Series 
     The Bronco World Series is in Monterey from August First  to August Ninth 2012. If your a fan of baseball you will get to see some of the best teams out there competing in their world series. Now these aren't the pros but they are the best in their leagues. If you are a local baseball player you get to play against some of these players and see maybe where you can improve your game. Because let's face it some of these teams are bringing it. If your the parent of a player, you have spent countless hours throwing the ball and teaching hitting mechanics and taking them to practice and games. This is the payoff, they are going to the Bronco World Series in Monterey. How long have you been waiting for that. Not to mention all the fundraising you've done just to get here because some teams have travelled very far.
Bronco World Series Highlights
     There will be many highlights throughout the week but the main one I think is the people you will meet. You are going to meet people from all over the world. From all walks of life. Some speak the same language of you and some don't yet the one thing you have in common is a love of the game of baseball. And pretty much to every boy on every team they all love baseball. There will be wins and there will be losses of course. But the biggest win is getting to come here and enjoy this week with everyone. Don't forget your pins try to collect as many as you can. Every team has a pin so trade yours for the others and at the end of the week you will have a whole set. Don't forget the home run derby that is always a highlight of the Bronco World Series. For the players even if they lose in the first round they have been on a journey together from fundraising and figuring out how to get here to actually going on a trip and staying in hotels or other players homes to playing in the series and the long ride home. This trip will cement them together for a long time.

Teams in The Bronco World Series
     Adirondack New York                                        Sinaloa Mexico

     Monterey Ca.                                                      Chinese Taipei

     El Dorado Hill Ca.                                              St. Joe's Illinois

     Corpus Christi Tx.                                              Toro Park Salinas Ca.

     West Covina Ca.                                                 Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

Bronco World Series Schedule

Thursday 8/2 

Corpus Christi Tx       VS.   Adirondack New York

El Dorado Hills Ca      VS.  West Covina Ca 

St. Joe's Illinois             VS. Toro Park Salinas Ca 

Friday 8/3

Sinaloa Mexico            VS. Chinese Taipei

Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico  VS. Toro Park Salinas Ca.

Adirondack New York VS. Monterey Ca.

 Saturday 8/4

Home Run Derby from 8 am to 10 am at Jacks Park
Corpus Christi Tx.     VS. West Covina Ca

St. Joe's Illinois            VS. Chinese Taipei

Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico VS. Sinaloa Mexico

El Dorado Hills Ca     VS. Monterey Ca

Sunday 8/5

Sinaloa Mexico            VS. St. Joe's Illinois

El Dorado Hills Ca      VS. Adirondack New York

Chinese Taipei              VS. Toro Park Salinas Ca

Corpus Christi Texas   VS. Monterey Ca

Monday 8/6

Adirondack New York  VS. West Covina Ca.

Chinese Taipei               VS. Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico

Sinaloa Mexico               VS. Toro Park Salinas Ca

Tuesday 8/7

Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico  VS. St Joe's Illinois

El Dorado Hills Ca            VS. Corpus Christi Texas

West Covina Ca                  VS Monterey Ca.

Wednesday 8/8

Semi final Crossovers

Thursday 8/9 

Bronco World Series Championship Game 7PM

     So come out and support the your local team. Or support the team from your home city or state or country. Either way support the ball players because it's nice to hear cheers when your playing well and your not on your home field. Not to mention that we are here to support the kids no matter who they are or where they are from.

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