Sand City West End Celebration

The Sand City West End Celebration
     The sand city west end celebration. What is that? That's the question I get when ever I mention it to people. It has to be the least well known festival in the Monterey Bay Area. So what is that? It's a festival of the arts. Where artists and musicians come out to show and sell their works and the streets are shut down so their is no traffic to get in the way. But, you say I've seen this done in my town before. What's unique about the Sand City West End Celebration is that fact that so many artists have  opened up their studio spaces so it's not like walking into an art gallery and looking at just the finished product. You will be able to see their craft on display. From just started projects to the finished item for sale. That is to me something that is unique about this art festival. Not to mention the local wine tasting they are having and live music by famous musicians. You will have the opportunity to buy works from local painters, sculptors, and multimedia artists from this county and beyond. There will be many different gourmet foods to sample.
     The Sand City West End Celebration has changed it's philosophy from a yearly theme to a new Green philosophy. So, in honor of that there will be many new green products on display from their vendors and also lectures and classes on going green. So this looks likes like a fun weekend.

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