Sunday Coupons

     I just put up a link to on the right sidebar. What you do is put in your zip code and it lists the restaurants that in your area that they have coupons for. For my area there were six pages of choices so I'm sure they have a lot of choices for where you live as well. You pay $10.00 for a $25.00 coupon. Not a bad deal. So try it out for your local restaurants or if you are coming to Monterey for vacation then use the Monterey zip codes of 93940, 93942, 93943, or 93944. There are some pretty nice places listed here so you can get the chance to eat at a place that you might otherwise skip because of price.
     How do you get your coupon? That's a good question with an easy answer you simply print it out on your printer at home. Pretty simple right. Give it a try, let me know if this was a good deal for you in the comments section so I can continue to offer it or discontinue it.

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