Just Run Running Program For Kids

The Just Run Running Program For Kids
     Just Run, is a youth running program based in Monterey California. Just Run's goal is to get the kids off the couch and into some running shoes and running. They work with schools and teachers to set up the programs here in Monterey County but it's a program that can be duplicated anywhere in the United States. This program gets the majority of it's funding through the Big Sur International Marathon and private sponsors. In fact if you are running the Big Sur International Marathon There is a Just Run race Scheduled during Marathon week here in Monterey. If your trip to the marathon in Big Sur this year was going to be a solo one why not book a Monterey Bay Aquarium Hotel and make it a family trip. You can do the marathon and your kids can do the kids race. Then while your doing your run up the Big Sur Coast your family can go to the beach or the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the day. So if your kids are coming along on the trip don't forget to pack their running shoes. They will have a good time and everyone will go home with a medal. You know your wall, come on if your a runner you have one. The one will all your race numbers and medals from all the past races you've done. Well this can be an opportunity to let your kids get started on their own wall. What better way to spend a morning than cheering on your favorite boy or girl doing one of your favorite things. Not to mention it's just good for them.
     The Just Run program sponsors about six races here in Monterey County as well as the programs in the schools and they provide all the program materials for the schools as well as training for the teachers to implement the program. Some things that really get the kids hooked are the running across the USA with a map to keep track of progress. It's 3000 miles but with thirty kids in a class you can see how their little bit of running can add up to get them across the country pretty quickly.
     Just Run races are held Saturday November 19 and Sunday November 20 there will be a Just Run 3 k and a Big Sur Half Marathon 5K.
In January there is the Renovation Run at the soledadrec.
In February the Sunday before Valentine's Day There is the Together With Love 1k and 5k, starting and finishing at Lover's Point Park in Pacific Grove.
In May the Castroville Artichoke Festival 1 mile kids run.
Also in May there is the Heart and Sole run starting an finishing at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital
it's a 5k 1 mile or 1 half mile kids run.
In June at Freeman Stadium at CSUMB They have 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile track races so bring all your future track stars out there.
     So as you can see there are quite a few different races for your kids to participate in through this program. If you have it at your school that's good if not you need to find someone there that supports running and put the bug in their ear to get it going.

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