Visit The Monterey Bay Aquarium

 Visit The Monterey Bay Aquarium
     It doesn't matter if you are only visiting Monterey for the day or a weekend getaway or have a whole vacation to spend at least spend one day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I know you are thinking hey I have fish at home but the true beauty that is the aquarium is in how they display the multitude of species found in the local waters. From the Giant kelp beds when you first walk in. By the way find out when they are going to do a feeding in the giant kelp bed it's pretty neat to watch. They have  all of the different species of fish that call the kelp beds home. One of the things that I was surprised by was the fact that the giant kelp can grow up to three feet in one day in the summer months. That's amazing to me. One of my favorite displays has been the Jellyfish displays they are displayed in frames like artwork in a museum. A moving living museum where every piece changes every minute. I wish i had a webcam of the Jellyfish it is something so relaxing to watch almost mesmerising. 

So beautiful yet ouch if you get caught in those tentacles while surfing watch out.  Another favorite is the outer bay exhibit with giant Blue Fin Tuna and Hammerhead sharks and many other species I can't name off the top of my head. The outer bay exhibit just recently reopened after a major renovation. They have added several species such as Puffins and added the Green Sea Turtles that used to be in the exhibit. Where else are your going to go and see a one million gallon aquarium with 600 pound Tuna and the occasional Great White Shark.
     There are displays of the many fisheries that have supported Monterey through the years that have come and gone through the effects of overfishing and the environment. You learn to truly appreciate everything that this bay has to offer. So don't miss a trip to the aquarium while you are planning your trip to Monterey.

     One of the interesting things about the aquarium is that it's built in one of the old cannery building on cannery row. These buildings just sat for years basically abandoned after the sardines and the fleets that caught them left the bay for greener pastures. So from the ruins of that bygone fishery came this beautiful scientific discovery museum that has thrilled children and adults from the first day that it opened.
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