Monterey Bay Coastal Trail

     The Monterey Bay Coastal Trail is really a jewel of the Central Coast. It goes all the way from Castroville to Lovers Point in Pacific Grove. It winds along the Pacific Coast the whole way. Everyone should do this trip at least once from the person who just rents a bike for the day to the person who is doing the whole coast from Oregon to San Diego it is truly a beautiful ride. The Monterey Bay Coastal Trail is approximately 18 miles long and the Monterey weather is usually mild for bike riding expect wind off the ocean and fog as well at any time of the year. When people come here they ask what should I bring pants or shorts and I always say bring it all the weather changes daily. You can expect to see kayakers and fisherman as well as other cyclists and hikers along the trail please share with everyone. As you come in to the towns of Marina, Monterey, and Pacific Grove there will be more runners, walkers and dog walkers once again share the trail with everyone.
     There is trail access at both ends and several points along the route. You can access the trail at Lovers Point Park in Pacific Grove. There is also trail access all along the route I like to access the trail from the parking lot at Borders Books in Sand City. Go across the overpass of the freeway on the ocean side and you have trail access south towards Monterey and Pacific Grove and North towards Marina and Castroville.

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