Monterey Bay Whale Watching

     Monterey Bay Whale Watching - There are many ways to see the whales in Monterey. The best is to book a trip with Monterey Bay Whale Watching. You will get a front row seat to all the Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, and Killer Whales you want there will even be a few dolphins thrown into the mix. Not to mention the fact that there is a Marine Biologist on every trip telling you what you are seeing and to just answer your questions, because personally I don't know a Blue whale from a Humpback Whale. Stand near some little kids if you can because really they ask the best question of the biologist because they will really ask anything.  So, I definitely like that part having that guide there. Then the fact that in the boat you are able to get so close to the whale that your pictures come out very good. Much better than the one above. I can't seem to make this software expand my pictures any comments on that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. So that would be my first choice.
     My next choice would be sitting along the coast on the rocks in Big Sur somewhere or in Carmel with a nice picnic lunch and a pair of binoculars. Then you can look far out in the ocean and you will be able to see the whales. This is definitely the answer if you are the type that gets seasick or if you would like to take a picnic and a bottle of wine and your boyfriend or girlfriend for a nice day along the coast just the two of you. If you look hard you will definitely see the whales and you will have a blast with your loved one.
     Next up would be sitting in a Monterey waterfront  restaurant with a margarita or a bottle of wine and dinner or lunch whichever is the best for that time of day. Preferably you would like to get a window seat so book a reservation and do it early. So just enjoy the day and watch the horizon and hopefully you will see some whales out there and if not you enjoyed a nice dinner or lunch in one of Monterey's waterfront restaurants with an ocean view you can't beat that.

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