First Awakenings Pacific Grove a Great Place For Brunch

     First Awakenings in Pacific Grove is the best place in town for brunch. They are only open until two so their specialty is breakfast and lunch. One of my favorite things is to go for a bike ride on the bike trail or a run and then sit on the outdoor patio next to the fire pit. Try to get a seat next to the fire pit on cold days it really does make a difference. Trust me they could charge extra on cold days for those tables. Sitting there with a nice cup of coffee and a plate of my favorite fruit crepes next to the fire is one of my favorite things on a Saturday morning. I recommend the fruit crepes at First Awakenings they are my favorite dish there along with the denver omelette. One of the things I like about this place is it's very laid back and personal they take care of you. You will see the waiters and waitresses walking around checking on you often. You can't miss them either they are in the First Awakenings uniform of shorts and Hawaiian shirt no matter how cold the weather is. After breakfast or brunch don't forget to walk around the American Tin Cannery. It is an old Cannery building that they have turned into an outlet mall. It seems to have not taken off. Businesses come and go but never stay so it changes often. But First Awakenings is always there. One of the things I like about the American Tin Cannery is occasionally they will rent space to artists and you can see them working in the store spaces through the windows. I think this would be a great gallery space because they have all the windows it would just take someone to set it up and get the artists to show their work maybe one weekend a month. I think it would be great something like the American Tin Cannery Art Walk.

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