Hwy 1 at Big Sur Open

     If you live in Big Sur or regularly travel through there in winter it's kind of like going to the Sierras in winter. You need to check the reports to see if you need chains but in the case of Hwy. 1 in Big Sur you need to see if the latest landslide has made the route impassable.  Hwy 1 south of Big Sur just reopened on June 9th after being closed for two months for repairs to the roadway after the latest landslide.  I'm sure business people in Big Sur are happy to get the road open for the annual summer travel season coming up. The campgrounds and the stores are usually full all summer long during a normal year. With the roads closed those dollars go to other travel destinations.
     Just because the road is open doesn't mean there will be no delays. There is still only a single lane of traffic moving at Rocky Creek Bridge due to construction. Another spot south of Carmel there is only one lane of traffic until July at least to replace a culvert. So it may still be slow going but at least vehicles can get through.

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