Spend a Day Kayaking Monterey Bay

Kayak Monterey by Iobbi Adventures!
Kayak Monterey, a photo by Iobbi Adventures! on Flickr.

     A Great way to spend a day in Monterey is Kayaking the bay. You get a different view of the bay than any other way that we typically enjoy it. I like to call it the ducks eye view of the bay. One of the great things about this ducks eye view is that you can quietly row and the Monterey Sea Otters and Sea Lions will come pretty close up to your kayak twenty feet or so off your boat. Other animals you will see are Jellyfish, Cormorants, Sea Gulls and many other bird species. This offers a great experience for people to just get up close with these animals and a much different perspective than maybe the one you get at the aquarium. So be sure to take a camera and remember to not get too close to these animals as they are all protected and they are still wild animals.
     Another thing I love about kayaking the Monterey Bay is going through the kelp forests around the shoreline or off of Lovers Point Park. You can look down into the bay and see far down to where the kelp actually connects to the rocks and occasionally some fish but not too often.  Don't worry about getting stuck in the kelp beds your kayak will go right over it.   While you are going over it though look out at the mats of kelp how they float on the surface with all those little floats and stop for a minute and take a look at this huge living structure that is the kelp forest. This supports so much sea life in Monterey Bay. It is one of the bedrocks of bay ecosystem. Since it provides small fry and fish places to hide when they are small and vulnerable to larger predators.

Kayak Rental Monterey Bay

There are many Kayak rental companies in the Monterey Bay some of them are listed below.

Monterey Bay Kayaks 

Adventures By The Sea

AB Seas Kayak

     All of these Monterey Bay Kayak Rental Companies offer different choices when it comes to rentals. They offer sit on top and sit inside kayaks. They all give you life jackets and all the equipment you need to be safe out of the water. They all offer both guided tours of the Bay or you can just rent a kayak and go out for the day and let your paddle lead the way. One company even offers surf zone classes for teaching you how to kayak in the surf zone. That white water area around all the rocks. For this you use a much smaller white water type kayak but it's a blast. So these companies offer something for everyone.


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