Watsonville Strawberry Festival

Watsonville Strawberry Festival
Watsonville Strawberry FestivalIt's that time of year again, time for the Watsonville Strawberry Festival I can always tell as I'm driving around Monterey County past the strawberry fields that when you can see the strawberries ripe on the vines from the road and smell that sweet strawberry smell coming through the windows that the Watsonville Strawberry Festival can't be too far off. 
At the Watsonville Strawberry Festival they will have Strawberries and lots of them. they will have desserts of all types and shapes made from strawberries. My favorite is still the old fashioned strawberry short cake. I forget the booth that sells it but I know what it looks like when I get to the festival. They have an arts and crafts area for the kids. Let you kids Grow Their Own Strawberries this year. They always seem to have local artists showing off their work, There will be live music as soon as I get that schedule I will post it on this page so come back for the schedule. There will be food of all types from barbecue skewers to pizza and everything in between. There is a car show and everyone brings their old cars that they have fixed up and shows them off. Some of them are very beautiful and very expensive and others are cars that your parents probably drove but the owners have made them nicer than when they came from the factory. There will be people dancing in the street some in costume and some just dancing.  So come out to the Watsonville Strawberry Festival it's a good time.
When is The Watsonville Strawberry Festival
August 4th and 5th from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. in historic downtown Watsonville Ca. in the downtown central plaza. Admission to the Strawberry Festival is Free now that's a deal.  It's usually warm but this is the coast so bring a sweater or a coat.
Parking for Watsonville Strawberry Festival
Parking is two blocks away from the Plaza in the Civic Plaza parking garage you can enter the parking garage on Rodriguez street the cost for parking is $5.00. You can't beat that. I'll see you there.Strawberries (La Trinidad, Benguet), a photo by ~MVI~ (goes mirror-less!) on Flickr.

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