Things To Do in Monterey When It's Cold

What Do You Do in Monterey When It's Cold Outside?
When it's a beautiful day in Monterey you just can't beat it. I mean crystal blue skies and dark blue green water. But then there are those cold days. Not regular cold but cold windy and foggy. If you have the right clothes this can be a really great day for exploring the city on foot or on bike but if you would just rather get in out of the weather here are some choices for you. Never fear there is plenty to do in the Monterey area when it's cold out.
Go To The Spa
You  can go from a day of cold and wind to a day of supreme relaxation as you are pampered and taken care of by any one of the many day spas on the Monterey peninsula. There is nothing like relaxing in one of Monterey's best day Spa's.

Monterey Spa on the Plaza 201 Alvarado Street Monterey Ca
Sano Spa 700 Munras Ave Monterey Ca
Go Roller Skating
You can take your family roller skating at Water City Roller Hockey. They are a roller hockey rink in Marina that just recently added regular skating sessions.

Water City Roller Hockey 2801 2nd Ave Marina Ca

 Go Rock Climbing
Check out Sanctuary Rock Gym in Sand City Ca they have everything you need to get up on the walls. They will give you a quick safety class and teach you how to belay and you will have a fabulous time. This is one you will come back to again and again. I really like this place it is pretty mellow and they have a large assortment of walls and holds for all levels of climbing abilities.

Sanctuary Rock Gym 1855 East Avenue Sand City CA

Jumpin Around
This is for all kids or all adults that still have that little bit of kid left in them. It's a big warehouse filled with those air filled jump houses that you take your shoes off and jump in. Since it's indoors it's all weather and adults are welcome.
Jumpin Around 2024 Del Monte Blvd Monterey Ca

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