Night Bike Riding

Night Bike Riding
     You know by reading this blog that riding a bike is one of my favorite things to do and this time of year riding at night is practically a necessity. Due to the change in time it gets dark so much earlier so for many people when you get off work it's all ready dark and if you are bike commuting you are riding at night or if you are just going out for a ride for exercise it's at night.
Safety While Riding At Night
     One of the main things to be concerned about while riding at night is safety since most people in cars don't see you during the day they really can't see you once it gets dark out. So there are a few things I recommend for you to use. One is lights, a headlight on the front preferably one that is very bright  and a taillight on the back of your bike, one of those flashing LED lights will do. Then also I like to have one on my helmet. One of those lights with the strap that goes around your head works great.  Also  a reflective vest so oncoming cars can see you long before they get up to you. Then it's just how you ride. You need to ride more defensively at night than during the day because drivers just don't see you before they are right up on you. One way to help them to see you is to ride with lights on you and on your bike. Not the ones like we had as kids with the little generator against the tire but modern bike lights that are usually LED and rechargeable. They really make you visible out there.

Check out the Light and Motion Lights they are some of the best They are all rechargeable LED's and hey they are all built right here in Monterey Ca. Hey if you have a headlight why do you need a headlamp? Well it's pretty simple. With the headlight you can see where your handlebars are pointing but with a  Headlamp    you can see where your head is pointing so it's a really good combination. For the taillight I really like the blinking LED's and you will as well they save energy. Which comes in handy when you are recharging or buying batteries.
Wear Reflective Clothing
    A lot of people skip this step because they don't like the look or whatever but don't be that person. Cars cannot see you out there at night. So you have to stand out. So do all of these things and you will have a really fun night ride. If you have never ridden at night start out small and on well lit roads and work your way up to darker routes and further distances and even on some trails once you get used to your lighting systems. Have fun riding at night is a blast. 

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