Things To Do On The Beach In Monterey

Things To Do On The Beach In Monterey
The things you can do on the beach in Monterey are so many,  and it depends on what you are there for and often how old you are and how much energy you have. Do you want to be very active or are you just relaxing?
If you are a child a lot of times you want to play in the sand and build sand castles and see the tides come in and destroy them or bury your brother or sister. Children also like to run and play in the waves and get wet and sandy. Or ride a skim board or boogeyboard in the waves. It's pretty cool to watch them try over and over till they finally get it. Hey you should try it it's a blast.  Please watch them around the waves as they can be very dangerous. If your children can't swim or they are very young,  I recommend going to a nice safe beach like Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove because it has a break from the waves and they are not so big.
     One of the things people like to do at the beach is play Frisbee or throw a Football or practice their Lacrosse skills. At Window on the bay Park across from Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey there are even Volleyball courts set up  in the sand so if you like volleyball it is a good workout to play in the sand. You will warm up even on a cold day.
     A lot of people go to the beach just to relax. Their ideal day at the beach is working on their tan and the latest novel they bought at the book store. Please take sunscreen because even on a foggy day in Monterey you can get a pretty good sunburn. A lot of time when I go to the beach I just like to pick a direction and start walking and see wheat I can see you never know who you will meet you will see fisherman, sunbathers, kids playing what have you. Also some of the beaches are the best places to people watch and to meet people from literally all over the world. Come to a busy Monterey beach on a nice day and you will hear a multitude of languages being spoken by people from all corners of the globe.
     If you are a runner instead of taking your morning run on the bike trail try going down on the beach it's a much better workout. If you run where the sand is very dry it is much harder but if it's to hard to run there go down closer to the water where the sand is just a little wetter and it provides a little harder surface to run on but not so hard as dirt or pavement still a very good workout. Even regular runners will be surprised in a couple days that hey why are my muscles sore I run three days a week.
Photo Credit Mike Baird

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