Things To Do in Monterey

Things To Do In Monterey 
Untitled by michale     The first thing people think about when they hear about Monterey is the Monte Bay Aquarium and it's a beautiful state of the art marine facility showcasing all the animals and fish the call the Monterey Bay home. But what are the other things To Do In Monterey? That's always the first question I'm asked when friends come to visit what is their to do in Monterey besides the aquarium and the answer will always depend on the person asking because really the Monterey Bay has something for everyone. Whether you are a kid or just a kid at heart you will enjoy the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Since the exhibits are always changing it's always fun to go and see what they have changed and since science and Marine animals interest me in general it's just a place I love to go and I can't recommend it enough. Other things to do in Monterey if you have kids especially are going to the beach because what kid doesnt' like the beach? While your their you can do the typical beach things like building sand castles and playing in the surf etc. While mom and dad sunbathe or read that book you've been waiting to get too all year. Another option down by the beach is to rent bikes or a surrey and go for a bike ride on the bike trail along the coast. It's a wonderful route with expansive ocean views and you will see a lot of wildlife everything from newborn snowy plovers on the beach. Please stay away from them to occasionally whales or pods of killer whales further out in the surf. Another thing to do with kids in Monterey is Dennis the Menace Park it's an awesome park that has some very cool toys that you probably won't see anywhere else. It used to be known as a kinda dangerous park and some of the toys have been tamed down but still very fun.
Other things to do in Monterey
Take a Drive Or Bike Ride Down 17 Mile Drive Going for a drive along 17 mile drive is a beautiful way to spend the day don't forget to stop at the gate and pay the fee. Yes there is a cost to drive down 17 mile drive but it is a beautiful drive.
Dave, How'd You Get Here Before Us? by Team TravellerBike Rides I've all ready told you about the bike trail along the coast. That's a really great trail especially if you have kids along for the ride but what if you want to try your legs another good ride is 17mile drive from Carmel Through Pebble Beach if you drive through the gate you have to pay but if you ride a bike you don't pretty cool right so if you do out and back it's a 34 mile ride there are beautifull ocean views and some fabulous houses to look at.
Mountain Biking

Monterey County is home to a lot of mountain biking. That's why you see so many cars and trucks with bike racks loaded down with all those mountain bikes every weekend around here. Most of the trails are in the old Ft. Ord after the base closed it became kind of a mecca for the local mountain bikers. If you go to any of the local bike shops in Monterey they can give you trail maps and maps to all the local trail heads.
Road Biking
If Road Biking is your thing we have that here too. There are several local routes that takes you anywhere from 10 miles all the way to a full century there is even a route that takes you from near Laguna Seca out to Monterey Down the Coast To Carmel then over the Santa Lucia Mountains to Greenfield then up the Salinas Valley and back to Laguna Seca it's a good day in the saddle and you really get to see all that Monterey County has to offer not to mention passing about 15 wineries so you might want to bring panniers lol.
Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving is something I have never tried but I think It would be fantastic. But with all the beautiful coastline and the undersea canyon that is the Monterey Bay with the Giant Kelp Beds to provide homes for so many fish species I can see why so many people come here to both scuba dive and to learn how to scuba dive. You see large groups of people every weekend at the beach being led by instructors on their first ocean dives. Some go in pretty shaky but everyone comes up with big ear to ear smiles. You can't beat that.

Things to do in Monterey
So this is just a partial list of the many things to do while your in Monterey. Some of the other things can include World Class Golf, Car Shows and Auctions, Wine Tasting, Dining at restaurants from holes in the wall to places that have 5 star ratings. Not to mention the days you can spend wandering through galleries in Carmel looking at art and artists, some you know and some you won't. So come visit I guarantee you will find something to do and you will be back.

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Dave, How'd You Get Here Before Us?, a photo by Team Traveller on Flickr.


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