Cyclocross on the Central Coast

Cyclocross on The Central Coast
     On your next trip to Monterey bring your bike and check out the Cyclocross action on the central coast. I went to the race out at Ft. Ord yesterday and there was good competition on a good course. So if you are just coming into town for a family getaway or a golf tournament or whatever and need to get your two wheel fix. Bring your Cross bike or even your mountain bike out and you can race cross.
What is Cross Racing
      Cyclocross was invented in Europe to allow road racers to race during the wet rainy season off road on road bikes with knobby tires. The course is usually 1 - 3 miles per lap and the races last from 30 to 50 minutes. So it's a good enough time for the pros to have a good hard race but short enough for the beginners to have a good time and start thinking about their next race. You can check out the local schedule of events for information from to get information and directions to the events. So when I say this is off road don't think it's a mountain bike race in fact many people race cross on converted road bikes. So the course is much smoother than a mountain bike course with less drops and not as many technical climbs.
Bring Your Bike To Monterey
     So next time you are in the Monterey area for a visit and your husband is golfing why don't you come out in the morning for a race against some new competitors. Or when your wife is out shopping with her friends you can spend a couple hours out at Fort Ord racing and checking out that next new bike you want to get. Or if you are just a local road or mountain bike racer that wants to extend their season cross is the perfect thing for that. See you at the races.

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