Holiday Inn Express Monterey

The Holiday Inn Express Monterey
     The Monterey Holiday Inn is located at 443 Wave St. Monterey, Ca. 93940. Which is just a couple minute walk off of the world famous Cannery Row that Steinbeck wrote about all those years ago. Not to mention the bike rentals and kayak rentals at the beach. This Holiday Inn is not a cookie cutter hotel by any means at all. It's built in a two story building and the staff is very helpful and seem to be always cheerful. The rooms are clean and quiet which is much appreciated when you are on vacation especially if you have small children which a lot of people are bringing for weekend trips.

Holiday Inn
     One of the nice things about the Monterey Holiday Inn is though it's not a cookie cutter you still know what to expect when you stay there. You don't expect five star amenities however your rooms will be clean and neat for a reasonable price and it will always be that way. The best thing I can say about this hotel is it's always clean, neat  and always the best value this close to everything Monterey and Pacific Grove has to offer. So on your next trip give it a try, you will probably come back over and over again.

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