How To Get To Monterey

The Best Way To Get To Monterey
There are several ways to get to Monterey. It just depends on where you are coming from and whether you want to take a nice scenic drive or you just want to get here. That all depends I suppose on the time you have the people you are riding with and whether the goal of the trip is to get here or the goal of the trip is simply the trip itself. Sometimes a nice long road trip is the best thing between friends or family or whatever. But, there are other times when you are just like let's get there so we can enjoy ourselves. Especially if the little one in the back is asking over and over are we their yet just like you did to your mom and dad. 

If You Are Coming From the South
bigsur018 by mlhradioIf you are coming from the South then the fastest route to Monterey would be to take I-5 and then take the 46 Paso Robles exit and stay on the 46 until you come to Hwy. 101 and take 101 North until you get passed Soledad and Chualar then take the Abbot st. Exit off the left side of 101 and follow the signs through the small town of Spreckels. After you pass through Spreckels you will take HWY 68 W. towards Monterey. Congratulations you are here.
That was the fast way now if you want to take the long scenic route just drive up hwy 1. Not too many people go that route however it is very beautiful and it will take you a very long time. So only do this if you are prepared for a long drive but one that will be worth it in the scenery you pass or in the time you pass with whoever you are riding with.
If You Are Coming From The North
From 880 S. San Jose merge onto 101 S. towards Los Angeles. Merge onto Ca 156 towards Monterey Peninsula. CA 156 W. becomes CA 1 S. Take the Exit towards Monterey.
Once again that was the fast way and the slow way again is HWY 1. All the same things apply it is very slow but very beautiful.
Monterey Peninsula Airport
The best way to come to Monterey is to fly into Monterey Peninsula Airport. They serve all the major hubs in California so you can pretty much fly in here from anywhere if you are okay with getting a connecting flight at a hub. But if you are flying out of a hub then it's a direct flight. There is now even service from Monterey to Hawaii for pretty low cost. 

 bigsur018, a photo by mlhradio on Flickr.

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