Fish Hopper Restaurant Monterey

Fish Hopper Restraunt Monterey

Fish Hopper Restaurant Monterey

     Recently friends came into town for the weekend and when the inevitable question came up of  where are we having dinner? We all went back and forth, what kind of food do you want etc. etc. etc. My friends wife was like hey we are in Monterey we have to have fish for dinner. So I took them to one of my favorite seafood restaurants The Fish Hopper. One of the things I like about the Hopper is the view, the restaurant sits at the end of one of the old cannery piers so the whole back wall of the restaurant is glass and during the day you can see sailboats and fisherman coming in with their daily catch along with the shorebirds flying around. At night if their is a moon out and your eyesight adjusts to the darkness you can see the waves rolling in. So it's a wonderful view probably one of the best in Monterey. The service here is pretty great most times you can always find your waiter or waitress and they are always happy to help with anything you need. The  food is wonderful, my friends wife had crab which is what she was craving and I had the salmon which is one of my favorites at the hopper. The nautical themed artwork on the walls of the restaurant is just beautiful from the bent steel undersea scenes which are some of my favorite I could actually see these on a wall in someones home to the Jellyfish light fixtures. I know it almost sounds tacky but they are indeed very beautiful. their nautical themed artwork. So go to the Fish Hopper Monterey for the food and the service but enjoy the view and the artwork while you are there. Another great thing is just outside the door of the restaurant is a stairway down to the beach so if as we did you bring kids along after dinner they can work off some of their energy playing at the beach and getting chased by the waves.

 Fish Hopper HDR, a photo by Monica's Dad on Flickr.

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