Cherries Jubilee Motorsports Celebration

Come See The Cherries Jubilee Motor sports Celebration

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 Come Celebrate The Cherries Jubilee
 What I love about Cherries Jubilee is that there is something going on all over  and it's a several day event happening July 12-16 2012 So if you can't make it to one of the events there is always something going on tomorrow. Another great thing about Cherie's is that most of these cars are something you can afford. Where some of the other car shows I love to ooh and aah and aspire to afford them most of these we could all actually buy today or find one all beat up and put the love and care into and in a couple of years we could be showing that beat up wreck at cherries. That's what I live about this show is the attainability of it. 
Cherie's Jubilee Events
As I said there are events going on in different places so I will give you a quick rundown of them here.
Cannery Row 
 Saturday Night on Cannery Row from David to Drake Ave come park your car and enjoy the party this will be a fabulous event. It seems that this event is always the biggest and most well attended so bring your car out early all shined up and pick a parking spot on the row to see all the shiny cars and be seen by everyone walking around trust me the crowd will be big for this one.
Monterey Waterfront
The Show and Shine Event will be on Friday from 8 am to 11 pm on the wharf waterfront parking lot. This is a really nice place to visit especially if you are coming from out of town so bring the family and see the wharf and visit some of the restaurants and museums that Monterey is known for.
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