Take A Hot Lap Around Laguna Seca On Your Bike

Laguna Seca Twilight Rides Are Back

Twilight ride by zr750The Twilight Ride program is back in full swing again. If you have never heard of this it's basically you bring your bike out to Laguna Seca and you get the thrill of riding the same track that normally your are only a spectator for. If you have someone in your family that is a cyclist this might just be that little something different they could try or if they are a die hard racing fan this is definitely a good thing to try out. A lap around Laguna Seca on a bike is great a gentle uphill around the front part of the course till you get to the world famous Corkscrew that is truly a blast. You will definitely do this more than once. 

What to Bring to Twilight Ride at Laguna Seca

Your bike basically any bike will do for this I have seen a lot of kids and adults on Mountain Bikes and a lot of road racing bikes and they are fast all the way down to I have seen a kid on a bmx bike do the track. Bring your Helmet this is a must. The cost is $10.00 and bring some food and drinks. 

The Dates for Laguna Seca Twilight Rides
  • Wednesday March 13th     Wednesday April 10th      Wednesday May 8th
  • Wednesday June 12th        Wednesday July 10th        Tuesday Aug. 13th
  • Friday Sept 6th                  Wednesday October 16th        
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Twilight ride, a photo by zr750 on Flickr.

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