Candy Cane Lane 2012 in Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove Candy Cane Lane 2012
Candy Cane Lane: Nutcracker by nicandres
Robo nut. by nicandresCandy Cane Lane is an institution in Pacific Grove Ca and really the whole  Central Coast of California. People come from far and wide to see this neighborhood all lit up and decorated for Christmas. I know everyone decorates their neighborhood for Christmas but at Candy Cane Lane it's just I don't know different. Sort of like how going to your grandmas for Christmas was different than staying home. What do I mean? I mean it's just bigger and more magical I guess. If you have never been to Candy Cane Lane for Christmas before then you will be awed by the creativity of the residents, there are giant soldiers and Elvis just like every year and then there are just the whimsical cutouts of peoples favorite Walt Disney Characters. One of the additions that I especially like is the high school kids singing every night after six pm. Everything that you see is put together by volunteers and residents of this neighborhood. It's a tradition passed down from homeowner to homeowner as homes sell often times one of the things talked about is, oh by the way in the shed in the back are all the Christmas decorations. This house is very famous for a such and such decoration and you have to do it every year. LOL how would you like to get that in the contract when you bought a house. If you are a resident and have been coming since you were a kid this is a great place to bring your kids or out of town guests. If you are from out of town and happen to be here during the holidays get out of the hotel and come check out candy cane lane. The soldier has always been my favorite yard decoration. I don't know why since I was a boy he has just always fascinated me. What is your favorite and why?
photos by nicandres on Flickr.

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