Spreckels First Annual Chalk In The Park

Spreckels Chalk In The Park
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Spreckels+Chalk+in+the+Park+Dog+Jumping+for+a+ball+Chalk+art     Spreckels Chalk in The Park is a chalk art contest held in Spreckels Memorial Park. It is just one of the many events held in Spreckels community park that is simple, family friendly and fun. Basically you enter get a square or two to draw your masterpiece and have at it. I have to say it was a beautiful day to be out in Spreckels enjoying the weather and all the art. There was a little bit of everything represented in the chalk art from the basic all the way to some very professional designs. There were people simply doing their chalk art from a picture in their head all the way to some artists recreating things they had drawn or painted on paper or on an iPad. You can tell the professional from the amateurs the pros come with a big wooden box full of different chalks and brushes and spray bottles. The amateurs come with a free box of chalk and a lot of enthusiasm. But they all have one thing in common they all started the same way with a love of art. This was the first annual event so I look forward to coming back again next year. All around the park they had the chalk art then in the park in the grassy area they had food vendors and arts and craft vendors so there was a little something for everyone.
Your Not a Professional Chalk Artist.
IMG_0339 by trigeek1IMG_0338 by trigeek1     That's okay because there is a whole area of the park just for free chalk art that's not a contest for kids and adults alike. So just come out and draw what you want or let your kids color some rainbows and sea monsters or whatever they like. This is a very family friendly event. So bring everyone.
Spreckels a Family Friendly Town
IMG_0340 by trigeek1     Chalk in The Park is just one of the many annual family friendly events in the town of Spreckels. They just seem to celebrate families and mostly kids so if you have kids you should check this event out or the next event will be the Fourth of July Celebration starting out with a kids footrace around town.

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