Bluefin Monterey

Bluefin Billiards Monterey
     Bluefin Monterey is much more than just a place to shoot a game of pool. They have a little bit of everything here. From your typical pool hall fare of lots of nice tables covered in smooth green felt with blue chalk on the side and the clack of cues hitting freshly racked balls to your normal happy hour type business. That's what you would expect at your local pool hall. But this is the Bluefin it's not your normal pool hall. First of all they are located smack in the middle of Cannery Row which is near all the hotels, and restaurants and clubs you want to see and be seen in. But they have everything going on at the fin. From Salsa Night to Swing Night to Karaoke night you can come on down and show off to your friends your dancing or singing skills or just have a good time and shoot a few games of pool. While they make fools of themselves with the karaoke.  Bluefin also has regular pool tournaments going on see their schedule of events I'm sure you will find something that interests you and your friends.

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