Monterey Disc Golf

Monterey Disc Golf
IMG_3609 by David J. Thomas     Whether you are a serious disc golf player that has all the latest discs and equipment and have been to all the tournaments or just a recreational player or parent out for a quiet Saturday walking the 
course with your your kids and a Whamo Frisbee, Monterey has disc golf for you.
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What is Disk Golf
Basically it's a game played with a Frisbee or a disc that is much like golf. You have a tee and you try to get your disk into the chain target which is the hole, in the fewest number of throws. Pretty simple right. Sounds simple but it is harder that it sounds and it is fun on a beautiful day walking the course with friends. You should try it out.
Where To Play Disc Golf in Monterey
Ryan Ranch Disc Golf Club
The Ryan Ranch Disc Golf Club is located in Ryan Ranch which you can access off Hwy. 68 between Monterey and Salinas. 
You take 68 until you get to Canyon Del Rey and make a left if you are coming from Monterey and a right if you are coming from Salinas then make a right on Ryan Ranch Rd. take that up to Park Rd. and make another right. If the gate is open at the top the first tee is right there.
CSUMB Oaks Disc Golf Course The Oaks course at CSUMB is a very nice course and you will see quite a few people out here especially as the weather gets better. Directions, Take Hwy. 1 to lightfighter Drive Go straight on Lightfighter Drive until you get to Gen. Jim Moore Blvd. Go left on Gen. Jim Moore Blvd. Make a right at Engineer Lane. The course is located at the end of Engineer Lane.
Eagle Eye Disc Golf Course Eagle Eye Disc Golf Course is one of the favorites in Monterey. You can always count on seeing some wildlife out here at Eagle Eye. Directions Take Ca 1 exit 402b towards Del Monte Ave. Go West on Del Monte for about 1.8 miles and continue on Lighthouse Ave. for another .7 miles. Turn left on Private Bolio Rd. Then take a left on Corporal Ewing Rd. The course is located on Corporal Ewing Rd.
Disc Golf in Monterey 
     So, as you can see Monterey has many disc golf courses to choose from some have been around for years and years while others are brand new. Some of these courses have regular events and lots of players and others barely see any traffic so there are many choices for you here in Monterey have fun.
 IMG_3609, a photo by David J. Thomas on Flickr.

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