Just a Walk on The Beach

Alt=Walking on the Beach by chrisforsythWalking on the Beach by chrisforsyth
Walking on the Beach, a photo by chrisforsyth on Flickr.
Just a Walk on The Beach
     Just going for a walk on the beach is sometimes one of my favorite things to do in Monterey. Just turn off the cell phone and start walking north or south it doesn't really matter. It's sand and water and birds as far as you can see especially if you go to the more deserted beaches like Zumodowski or Marina beach or even south of Carmel beach. As I said above it's just sand and water as far as you can see but when you actually go the things you will see are pretty amazing. The different shells you can find and the huge logs pushed up by the winter storms. It's hard to imagine the wave it would take to push a log as big as that. Then there is the sea life from sea lions to whales and killer whales that you can see swimming in pods just off the beach. Pretty amazing and you are out there enjoying it by yourself.  Or take your kids or your grand kids and that will totally change your walk on the beach because of the great awe they have in simple things like a purple piece of sea glass and wondering where it came from. Or a pile of driftwood built into a tee pee or a fort and left for some other kids to play in or maybe not. It might just get washed out with the next tide. So one of the things you should definitely do is just take a walk on the beach when you come to Monterey.

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