University of California at Santa Cruz

University of California at Santa Cruz- UCSC
     University of California at Santa Cruz is located in Santa Cruz California. This is about colleges around Monterey so I couldn't leave out UCSC as they are leaders in many of their fields. If you are looking to attend a UC school on the Central Coast then UCSC is the choice for you. What does Santa Cruz have to offer? Well, a different vibe than Monterey. A warmer climate, as with CSUMB its got good surfing and good mountain biking all around. Not to mention UC Santa Cruz has been around for a very long time so they have a history and traditions that a new school such as CSUMB is still building up to. UCSC is known for their research and researchers and for their school mascot the Banana Slug. Which is a huge slug about 10 -12 inches long that you find in the Santa Cruz mountains.
     The degree programs offered at UCSC are many and varied and all of them are top notch programs that are often leaders in their field. Some examples are. Applied Physics, Biochemistry, Computer Science and Game Design, Economics and Film and Digital Media. This is just a small sample of the coursework that is offed at UCSC.

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