The Defense Language Institute

The Defense Language Institute- DLI
     The Defense Language Institute DLI is a very unique shool it is where our soldiers are taught the languages and the customs and cultures of people around the world. It is a college like no other in the Monterey area. As the students entire job is to learn a new language and custom of a chosen country or region. So if you see a couple of guys or girls walking around town speaking Chinese or Russian then either they are Chinese or Russian or they may just be students at DLI practicing their language skills. For a while it seemed a shirt that was popular with DLI students was I'm learning Russian so you don't have to.
     A typical day for a student at DLI is seven hours of language training and a couple hours of homework each night five days a week. So it's a pretty intense program. So if you are in the military and want to learn a language and a new culture DLI is the place for you to go.

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