Monterey Colleges and Universities

Monterey Colleges and Universities
     If you are thinking of attending one of the many choices of Monterey Colleges or Universities your choices are many. There is a very diverse mix of schools offering many different options for your coursework here in Monterey and what more beautiful place to spend your years in school than here on the Central Coast of California.  There is everything here from simple certificate programs or AA degrees  at Monterey Peninsula College to a 4 year BA or BS degree at CSU Monterey Bay  or get a degree at UC  Santa Cruz or the programs for the military. If your in the military and want to get a degree The  Defense Language Institute or Naval Postgraduate School is for you. Or if you have all ready done your undergrad work and want to get your masters or PhD in Marine Science then there is the Moss Landing Marine Lab an extensive marine science lab program to teach you how to do marine research. Or if you would like to become a lawyer the Monterey College of Law is the place for you.
     So as you can see if you want to come to Monterey for College there are many choices for you here. It's simply a matter of where you are in your college career and where you want to go with your studies. It could be a matter of starting out at MPC and transferring to CSUMB or UCSC and then going to Montery College of Law or the Moss Landing Marine Lab or whatever you would like to do or you may only make a stop at one of those places along the way it's your college career.

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