Monterey Vacation Rentals

Stay In a Monterey Vacation Rental Instead of a Hotel
      One option for Monterey lodging is to stay in a Monterey Vacation Rental. Some of the benefits of staying in a vacation rental over a hotel or motel is that you can actually save some money. Now, I know what your thinking hey some of those places go for over $200.00 to $300.00 a night. How can I save money at those rates. Some of these Monterey vacation rentals have space for six or even up to eight people. So if you are going with a group of relatives or friends or whatever then the cost split up can be much cheaper than you all getting hotels. If the cost is $300.00 a night and you have six people staying there then it's $50.00 a person or $100.00 a couple per night not bad for a place in Monterey. You can find places either in town or near the beach whatever you need. A lot of people like to get their Monterey Vacation Cottage near the Monterey Bay Aquarium if they are planning on visiting and some vacation home owners even offer free passes to the aquarium when you rent from them.
Great things about Monterey Vacation Rentals
     There are many positives to renting a vacation rental over a hotel if you have a large group but some of the other positives are that you are staying in a house. That comes with no banging of doors late at night or elevators running at all hours. Not to mention that most vacation rentals are in neighborhoods so you see the local vibe of the community and if you stay for a week or so you will probably meet the neighbors. Other positives are you won't be parking your car in a parking garage it will either be in front of your vacation rental or in the garage. Typically vacation rentals are much larger than hotels and you can spread out a little more. Usually what I see people do is rent  a couple different places over the years until they find one they really like and then they go there year after year as a family trip. That's what my family did when I was a kid and we always looked forward to it year after year. Another way to save money with a Monterey Vacation Rental is that you can actually go to the grocery store and buy food and fill that normal size refrigerator with it. Then you don't have to eat out every while you are here just on the days that you want to or that your budget will allow. Some of the disadvantages of renting a vacation rental are it's not a hotel and doesn't have a maid service. So those dishes from last nights dinner need to be washed just like you were at home. The rental also has to be left clean when you leave so you need to clean up a little on the last day where in a hotel you can leave a huge mess and just walk away. However these are the only downsides.
How Do I Rent a Monterey Vacation Rental
     If you want to do it on the web one of the best places I've found is Vacation Rentals By Owner which is a website where you can rent vacation rentals all over California,  you just pick where you want to rent and it will show you the listings and prices. Another option is Craigslist under housing you can  go to the section on vacation rentals and you are set. There will be many different options on Craigslist to choose from. Another option is to talk to your circle of friends and see where they have rented in the past because chances are if your friends had a good experience chances are so will you. If you take their advice and rent the same place they did and have a wonderful time buy them a bottle of wine while your here from a local winery to show your appreciation. Renting a vacation rental in Monterey is just another option of many that you have on your Monterey Vacation. Have fun on your stay.

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