The Whales are Visiting Monterey

Humpback Whale @ Monterey Bay by Gina's foto's

     It's that time of year again when the whales are coming back through the bay. However this year seems to be a little different as more whales are here and they are hanging around longer.  So if you are here in Monterey you should take a whale watching trip to get up close and personal with some of earth largest creatures. The different types of whales we have here are Gray Whales, Humpback Whales, Blue Whales, and Killer Whales. So there is something for everyone in this list. Mostly what we are seeing now are the large number of Blue Whales and Humpback Whales and they are here feeding on a large amount of krill that is in the bay right now.
     One of the best ways to see the whales is by taking a cruise on one of the whale watching tour providers located around the Monterey Bay. They can take you to the whales and help you get good pictures and some of these trips are even led by  a Marine Biologist so you can feel free to ask questions and get some good answers. 
Whale Watching in Monterey

Whale Watch Monterey - they are located at the end of the Monterey Fisherman's Wharf.

Randy's Fishing Trips - I know it says fishing trips but they also provide whale watching trips.

Princess Monterey Whale Watch - This group has shorter 2and a half hour and 3 hour trips if that is all that fits in your itinerary. They also offer booking online which is nice.

Whale Watching Checklist
     Okay so your going whale watching in Monterey Bay. You all ready told the kids saw the smiles on their faces  and are getting ready to go what do you need to take with you for a good trip.

Things You Should Take Whale Watching on Monterey Bay

  1. The number one thing is a good attitude. Let's face it you are going to be on a boat for four hours with a large group of people trying to get that perfect pictures so try to take a good attitude with you. I promise you will have a great time and you will get your great pictures.
  2. Camera- I don't know how many times I have gone out whale watching and someone would say I wish I brought my camera. Most of us have a camera nowadays on our cell phone but it's just not as good as a regular camera. Also don't forget Batteries and if you still use it film for your camera. This would be a bad time for your batteries to go dead.
  3. Sunscreen- Monterey Bay is a very mild climate area often covered in fog. However don't let that fog fool you into thinking you don't need your sunscreen. The fog can deceive you and you can get a pretty good sunburn.
  4. Clothing for the weather- Now our climate here is mild like I said above but it's also known for changing on a dime.  Meaning it can be cold and foggy then warm and sunny or the other way around. So, you need to dress for the conditions and put a coat or whatever other clothes you think you might need in your backpack.
  5. Lunch- Most of these trips don't provide food so you need to bring your own. Don't expect to bring a huge ice chest on board the boat if everyone did that there wouldn't be room for the people so just a sandwich from the deli and some drinks or what you like.
  6. Something for your small children to do- If you have very small children then bring some coloring books and crayons or something like that for them to do when they get bored. You won't have this problem with older kids they will be blown away by the whales and wildlife but the little ones need something to do.
  7. If you get seasick - Try to take Dramamine or another available medicine to help you with the sickness. Some people just get seasick but it's worth it to spend a day with the whales on Monterey Bay.
  8. Take your sense of excitement because this is a pretty exciting thing. How often do you get to be this up close to wildlife in it's own habitat. Not at the zoo. Even at the Monterey Bay Aquarium you are not in the animals own habitat but it's a different experience. So by all means take your sense of excitement.
  9. Bring your friends- This is one of those trips that is on a lot of people's lists and while you may be in Monterey for business or a family trip or whatever try to take as many friends along as possible. It's a really cool thing that you will remember together even after you forgot what you shot at spyglass.
  10. Go home with great memories and great pictures. This is really a trip to remember. Share it with your friends and family and make it a yearly event.
     So, take all of these things with you on your whale watching trip in Monterey Bay and you will have a blast. This seems to be the largest group of whales we've had in a couple of years so get your trip set up and get out there. After you get off the boat you will still have that rocking sensation like when you are on the boat. It's kinda funny and the kids think it's hilarious. After you get off the boat if you are hungry or are freezing because you didn't bring warm clothes stop along the wharf for some clam chowder in a bread bowl the best way to warm up.
 Humpback Whale @ Monterey Bay, a photo by Gina's foto's on Flickr.

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