The Moss Landing Marine Lab

Moss Landing Marine Lab- MLML
     The Moss Landing Marine Lab is located in Moss Landing California a few short miles from Monterey. The Moss Landing Marine Labs administers a Masters of Science program for a group of seven Universities is Northern and Central California. Moss Landing Marine Lab is known for it's in the field hands on Marine science research. It's location on the Monterey Bay certainly helps with that but if you look at their website and blog you will see that MLML students are doing research in all areas of the Monterey Bay and the four corners of the world for that matter.
MLML is known as a leader in the Marine Science field so if that is what you would like to pursue there is no better place to get hands on research training than here at Moss Landing Marine Lab. They have the instructors and the equipment and the support you will need to get you through this difficult but challenging Masters in marine science program. If you are considering this program you might take the time to come over to the MLML open house they have it once a year and it's open to the public and all the students show the public what kind of projects they are working on for the year. Pretty informative. There's even a puppet show.

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